What You Missed On The AJ Blog Network, January 10th Edition

Here’s a look at some of the stories you may have missed on the AJ Blog Network from yesterdays mopey Monday.

-) The Fing Bing team took a deep look at Evangelical Quarterback Tim Tebow. Apparently the Gridiron Son of Gawd is more important in the eyes of most American’s than the future leader of the free world (expect some Tebow-write-in-ballots in NEw Hampshire later this week). A statistical anomaly from the Broncos-Steelers game also had some eerie-religious coincidences that are hard to ignore, regardless of religious affiliation.

-) Just ‘cuz you can fit 10,000+ songs in your pocket, doesn’t mean the sound has to be small. Daily Bids looks at great deals on stereo speakers for your MP3 device.

-) Tim Duffy, who’s usually offering his daily top song, offers a new way to “fake your way into cultural snobbery,” which I’m sure is on most of your bucket-lists. (Side Note: the days top song was Broken Social Scene “KC Accidental.”)

-)¬†Newest addition to the AJBN writing team, Heinreich Sioson, takes a look at the world’s most expensive food. Have you ever paid $330,000 for three pounds of something??

-) And even thought the Jets are out of it, NY sports fans still had the Giants to cheer on this weekend. Big Blue absolutely demolished the Atlanta Falcons in a game one writer called more of a Falcon-collapse than a Giant-victory.

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